Ria Showroom


- soon in Odense Denmark...































Riaonlineshop.com new showroom from outside.

We soon build another gallery behind the house fore more fine art


AMG Ria Office, cornercanvas size 100 x 200 cm.

Idea: Jan Rudbaek larsen & Brigitte Balmy, motiv: Arizona Feeling by

Bozena Ossowski


Bozena Ossowski painting (175) x 100 cm


Thats what RIA FLOOR can do in your upper rooms where normal

nothing is possible on the wall.

Bozena Ossowski painting 80 x 100 cm on the floor-construktion


Bozena Ossowski, Strauss Rhapsody size 80 x 100 cm.

Framedesign, Jan Rudbaek Larsen. Artwork on frame, Brigitte Balmy


The new AMG RIA Designframe in showroom hall.

Painting Bozena Ossowski, size 120 x 100 cm


View in the explore room


View in the explore room


View in the explore room


View in the explore room


You can also use Ria Corner on the floor


Doublepainting from Bozena Ossowski from showroom


A very nice design


Designertable in grinded nature wood

Showroom kitchen, left painting from Jan Rudbaek (160 x 160 cm),

right a AMG RIA designpainting Rudbaek/Ossowski


Ria Office cornerpainting totally chance a room to a brand new...

no!?! -try to remove it in your thoughts and see how the room returns

to ordinary. 

View to showroom kitchen, front AMG RIA design painting, artist

Bozena Ossowski, framedesign Jan Rudbaek, artwork on frame

Brigitte Balmy, size 110 x 117 cm, background Bozena Ossowski painting

size 120 x 100 cm


Bozena Ossowski painting, size 300 x 190 cm


Ria Office cornercanvas in showroom kitchen, size 100 x 200 cm